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Financial planning process

Our Process

We work with our clients in an interactive and collaborative way. Our plans are built with your input. We consider your goals, preferences, and capabilities. You decide when to proceed with each step of our process.

Start by browsing our resources

We invite you to get a sense of who we are and what we do by exploring articles on our blog and by following us on Facebook. We want you to feel comfortable with us, and confident in our process. 

Schedule a "learn more" chat

Ready to learn more? Contact us to schedule a quick phone call or online chat for an initial meet and greet. This is an opportunity for both of us to ask a few questions and share some helpful information. If we agree that your goals and our services may be a good fit, we can proceed with our no-obligation discovery meeting.

No-Obligation Discovery Meeting

During the discovery meeting, we develop a better understanding of our potential professional relationship. We gather key data and clarify your needs and goals. The purpose of this team effort is to construct a customized, one-page plan that resonates with you.

No-Obligation Plan Review

This is the second half of our no-obligation, initial planning process. After taking some time to crunch through the numbers, we will walk you through the plan, step-by-step, to show you exactly how we can help. We will also outline our fees for services, should you decide to join us at Left Coast.


At this point, you should have everything you need to decide if Left Coast is right for you.

Welcoming You as a New Client

A warm welcome and friendly onboarding process comes with your decision to join Left Coast. We'll start with a tour of our collaborative technology platform, set up your accounts, and then get to work for you. Turning a sound financial plan into reality doesn't stop with a couple of meetings up front. Instead, we will be working together to fill in the details of your plan and support you during implementation. The idea of dropping a 200-page plan in your lap and leaving you to your own devices sounds terrible to us. Instead, we collaborate bite-sized modules over the course of our engagement. Meanwhile, you'll receive feedback and course corrections as needed.

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